STEP BY STEP Three is the magic num­ber

Build your trip­tych in Pho­to­shop, and learn es­sen­tial de­sign skills

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Cre­ate a new doc­u­ment

Go to File>New. Choose a width and height – here we’ve gone for Width 20 inches, Height 11 inches, Back­ground White. Set res­o­lu­tion to 300 pix­els/inch. Click OK. Make sure the grid is in inches ( Pho­to­shop>Pref­er­ences> Guides, Grids and Slices), then go to View>Show>Grid.

02 Draw your frames

Click and hold on the Shape tool in the Tools panel and choose the Rec­tan­gle tool. Drag out a box for your first im­age frame, us­ing the grid as a guide and mak­ing sure there’s room for three frames of the same size. Take the Move tool, hold Alt and drag the box to cre­ate two copies.

03 Add the first im­age

Open your three im­ages in Pho­to­shop. Se­lect the Move tool, and check Auto-Se­lect Layer and Show Trans­form Con­trols. Drag an im­age up to the tab of your new file then down to copy it in. In the Lay­ers panel, move the im­age layer just above the box layer you want it to fill.

04 Cre­ate a clip­ping mask

Hold down Alt and click the line in the Lay­ers panel that sep­a­rates the im­age layer from the box layer be­low. This clips the im­age, so only the area within the out­line of the box is vis­i­ble – you can crop the im­age in dif­fer­ent ways within the box, and tweak its po­si­tion, at any stage.

05 Re­size and re­po­si­tion

High­light the im­age layer and click the bound­ing box to trans­form it – hold down Shift and drag the corners to re­size, or drag out­side the box to ro­tate. When you’re happy with the po­si­tion­ing, hit En­ter to ap­ply. Re­peat steps 3-5 to add and po­si­tion the other two im­ages.

06 Add a key line

You can add a key line to the edges of each frame if you like. Make a new layer at the top of the stack, then hold down Cmd/Ctrl+Shift and click the box layer thumb­nails to load their out­lines as se­lec­tions. Go to Edit>Stroke. Set a width such as 10px, set Colour to black and hit OK.

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