Noise re­duc­tion

Noise be­comes un­avoid­able as you push the iSo in low light­ing

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The big­gest chal­lenge for the mu­sic pho­tog­ra­pher is low light. The good high-ISO per­for­mance of mod­ern D-SLRs will en­able you to push the sen­si­tiv­ity up to 3200, 6400 or be­yond and still come away with us­able shots, but even with a top-qual­ity ISO per­former like the D810 used here, it helps if you know a lit­tle about post-pro­cess­ing noise re­duc­tion. Pho­to­shop’s Cam­era Raw plug-in of­fers a De­tail panel for this (or for Light­room users, there’s an iden­ti­cal panel in the De­velop Mod­ule). Both noise re­duc­tion and sharp­en­ing are best judged at 100% view; you can zoom in quickly to this by dou­ble-click­ing on the hand tool. The De­tail Panel’s Lu­mi­nance slider en­ables you to smooth out grainy noise, while the Colour slider works to erad­i­cate the specks of colour that of­ten ap­pear in ar­eas of shadow at high ISOs. Noise re­duc­tion can have a smooth­ing ef­fect on de­tail in your im­ages, so it’s worth ap­ply­ing some sharp­en­ing to counter this.

The Noise Re­duc­tion slid­ers in Adobe Cam­era Raw’s De­tail panel en­able you to min­imise the ef­fects of noise in­tro­duced by high ISO set­tings; iden­ti­cal slid­ers are avail­able in Light­room

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