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Matt says… Your is­sues with reds may be to do with a num­ber of fac­tors, Stephen. It’s worth look­ing at your white bal­ance set­tings and mak­ing sure you’re set to Cloudy, or what­ever set­ting is rel­e­vant to your cur­rent light­ing con­di­tions. If that’s all cor­rect, the washed-out reds may be re­lated to the me­ter­ing within the scene, so try switch­ing to cen­tre-weighted me­ter­ing. The Nikon D610 is def­i­nitely more than ca­pa­ble of cap­tur­ing reds in a far more vi­brant fash­ion than are present in the sam­ple im­age you sent us, so oth­er­wise I’d rec­om­mend un­der-ex­pos­ing slightly as the im­age you pro­vided looks a touch over-ex­posed.

The reds don’t seem to register very well in my im­ages. What’s wrong, and

what can I do about it? I use a D610

and shoot in RAW

The reds in this im­age are com­ing through more as pinks, but there could be a num­ber of rea­sons why this is hap­pen­ing

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