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James Pater­son ex­plains how to com­bine three im­ages into one to cre­ate a trick mir­ror-im­age

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Re­flec­tions are a ripe sub­ject for pho­to­graphic trick­ery. In this tu­to­rial we’ll show you how to cre­ate a mir­ror im­age that couldn’t pos­si­bly have oc­curred. It’s a neat vis­ual trick that echoes MC Escher’s mir­ror ball sketch, and, like the best trick­ery, it all be­gins in-cam­era.

You need three im­ages. In the first, the sub­ject holds the cam­era with one hand, and stretches the other out to the sur­face of the mir­ror. In the sec­ond, he switches hands in or­der to cap­ture the other arm stretched out. And in the third, he holds the cam­era be­low his chin to cap­ture his face. If you plan to shoot your own im­ages for this, keep your cam­era and body po­si­tion as fixed as pos­si­ble so that ev­ery­thing can be aligned.

Once you’ve opened these im­ages in Pho­to­shop, all you have to do is com­bine the arms and head to cre­ate a seam­less com­pos­ite that makes the cam­era in­vis­i­ble. This is easy enough us­ing layer masks, se­lec­tions and a lit­tle cloning to tidy things up. Here’s how it’s done…

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