Do the twist

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Tri­pod col­lars are great for switch­ing be­tween land­scape and por­trait (up­right) ori­en­ta­tion shoot­ing, while main­tain­ing good bal­ance on a tri­pod or mono­pod.

On the move

VR or OS can’t over­come mo­tion blur, but a man­u­ally switched or auto-sens­ing pan­ning mode can still be a big ben­e­fit.

Take pri­or­ity

Shut­ter-pri­or­ity mode is ideal when you need a fast shut­ter speed to freeze ac­tion. Use a high ISO to avoid un­der-ex­po­sure.

Prime num­bers

For lenses with com­pa­ra­ble tele­photo reach and the widest aper­tures, primes tend to be smaller and lighter than zooms, with fewer in­ter­nal el­e­ments.

Fixed gaze

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