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For this shot of freshly baked bread Olly told me to shoot from higher up. The top of the loaf had risen and cracked won­der­fully in the oven and that, com­bined with a light dust­ing of flour, made it re­ally in­ter­est­ing to look at from above. Olly en­cour­aged me to go hand­held for this shot, to give me a bit more free­dom to move around. How­ever, my im­ages were too blurry, as my shut­ter speed was quite slow, so Olly sug­gested boost­ing my ISO to 640, which en­abled me to use a shut­ter speed of 1/125 sec – just fast enough to keep the im­age nice and crisp when shoot­ing hand­held on a 105mm lens. It was use­ful shoot­ing in man­ual mode to see the ex­po­sure tri­an­gle work­ing in full swing.

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