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I usu­ally shoot hand­held, with a re­ally high ISO, and end up with hun­dreds of un­us­able im­ages. Olly’s ad­vice on us­ing a tri­pod was ex­tremely help­ful. I have a tri­pod at home gath­er­ing dust, but now I have a rea­son to use it again. I’ve never re­ally con­sid­ered light­ing to be an im­por­tant part of the photo, ei­ther; I’ve con­cen­trated on ac­quir­ing bet­ter gear. How­ever, as the day went on Olly showed me that the sim­ple act of us­ing some pa­per, a menu or mount­board as a re­flec­tor can do won­ders for my food photos. It’s so sim­ple!

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