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When it comes to light-soft­en­ing, big­ger tends to be bet­ter. At 45cm wide, the RoundFlash is twice the di­am­e­ter of the Or­bis, but thanks to its fab­ric con­struc­tion, it’s 30 per cent lighter and folds down smaller than the Or­bis.

Set up is a breeze, thanks to the pop-up de­sign. You just snap five mag­netic rods into place and strap your flash­gun into the back. A sim­ple but ef­fec­tive web of elas­tic cords se­cures the RoundFlash to your lens. Avoid us­ing it with wide-an­gle or short prime op­tics as vi­gnetting can be no­tice­able. There isn’t much room to ac­cess zoom or fo­cus rings ei­ther, but the pay-off is light so soft and shad­ow­less that even the Or­bis can’t quite com­pete. Just re­mem­ber to crank up your flash­gun to com­pen­sate for the three-stop light re­duc­tion.

Is it a drum? Is it a wheel? It’s big enough to be ei­ther, but it’s best ac­com­pa­ny­ing your Nikon.

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