Nikon D5500

Ul­tra-light­weight and com­pact, the D5500 is also the only cam­era in Nikon’s en­thu­si­ast range with a touch-sen­si­tive LCD

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An­nounced a cou­ple of months be­fore the D7200, in Jan­uary 2015, the D5500 is the small­est and light­est cam­era on test. It’s slim­mer than the D7200, and weighs just 470 grams.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like an ‘en­thu­si­ast’ SLR. Sev­eral fea­tures that you’d usu­ally find on Nikon’s up­mar­ket bod­ies are ab­sent: there’s no top-panel info LCD, no sub-com­mand dial in front of the shut­ter-re­lease but­ton, and no left-hand bank of con­trol but­tons at the rear. How­ever, while these omis­sions would typ­i­cally slow down the process of mak­ing cre­ative ad­just­ments to set­tings, the D5500 com­pen­sates with an in­tu­itive touch-sen­si­tive screen.

The D5500 is also the only cam­era on test on which the rear screen is fully ar­tic­u­lated. It’s ex­cel­lent for Live View shoot­ing from cre­ative an­gles, as well as for putting your­self in the pic­ture for self-por­traits. The lack of the left-hand rear but­ton bank is a small price to pay.


The D5500 cer­tainly isn’t small when it comes to megapixel count, where it pretty much matches all the other cam­eras in the group apart from the D810. Im­age qual­ity is of­ten a close match to that of the D7200, although me­ter­ing some­times errs on the bright side, mak­ing pic­tures look less rich. Im­age noise is con­trolled well at high ISOs, but at the ex­pense of fine de­tail, es­pe­cially when com­pared with the FX-for­mat cam­eras in the group.

Me­ter­ing can some­times give rise to overly light, slightly un­sat­u­rated im­ages

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