With no short­age of flash­gun mod­i­fiers on the mar­ket, here’s how to pick your ideal ac­ces­sory

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01 Ver­sa­til­ity

If soft­en­ing the light is your main ob­jec­tive, you’ll get the best re­sults with a ded­i­cated dif­fu­sion de­vice.

02 Porta­bil­ity

No mat­ter how good the light trans­for­ma­tion, if a mod­i­fier won’t fit in your kit bag, it won’t be much use. Go for some­thing that’s col­lapsi­ble for a de­cent com­pro­mise.

03 Com­pat­i­bil­ity

Most mod­i­fiers will fix to your flash­gun with a sim­ple strap or elas­tic band, but a few are more com­pli­cated, so make sure your pre­ferred mod­i­fier will fit your kit.

04 Ex­pand­abil­ity

Some man­u­fac­tur­ers have come up with mod­i­fier sys­tems based around one uni­ver­sal, quick-re­lease mount. These en­able you to build your ideal set-up and min­imise ex­cess bulk.

05 Boost­a­bil­ity

Stick­ing a dif­fuser in front of your flash­gun will dim the light pro­duced, so ramp up the flash power to com­pen­sate, or in­crease your cam­era’s ex­po­sure com­pen­sa­tion.

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