Nikon D5500 Lab test re­sults

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Scores are marginally lower than from the D7200 through­out the sen­si­tiv­ity range, and drop off more than the FX cam­eras at high ISOs. Com­pared with all other cam­eras in the group, colour ren­di­tion can be frac­tion­ally cooler when us­ing auto white bal­ance. As ex­pected, sig­nal-to-noise ra­tios through­out the sen­si­tiv­ity range lag be­hind those of FX cam­eras. Scores aren’t as good as from the D7200. Im­ages are some­times brighter, with­out such good re­ten­tion of high­light def­i­ni­tion.


JPEG im­ages of­ten don’t look quite as rich in colour and tone as those from the D7200, D750 and D810, be­ing cooler and lighter over­all, but the qual­ity of RAW im­ages from the D5500 is nonethe­less im­pres­sive.

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