The D810 at a glance

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Bracket and flash

The po­si­tions of the ex­po­sure brack­et­ing and flash but­tons are re­versed com­pared with other cam­eras in the group.

Preview and Fn

The depth of field preview and func­tion but­tons are closer to­gether than in the D7200, D750 and D810.

Mode but­ton

The mode but­ton works in con­junc­tion with the main com­mand dial to ac­cess PASM shoot­ing modes. No scene modes are fea­tured.

But­ton ar­ray

As on most pro-level Nikons, a con­ven­tional shoot­ing mode dial is ab­sent, and is re­placed by a but­ton ar­ray. This gives ac­cess to white bal­ance, qual­ity, me­ter­ing modes and ISO.

Drive mode dial

As with the D610 and D750, the drive mode dial in­cludes a ‘Quiet con­tin­u­ous’ set­ting.

Viewfinder shut­ter

Handy for long-ex­po­sure shoot­ing, there’s a built-in viewfinder shut­ter with op­er­at­ing lever. This is ab­sent on all other cam­eras in the group.

Sync and re­mote

A rub­ber flap next to the bracket and flash but­tons con­ceals the sync ter­mi­nal and 10-pin re­mote socket.


Un­like in the D7200 and D750, the top-panel LCD aims to give as much shoot­ing in­for­ma­tion as pos­si­ble, with smaller char­ac­ter and icon sizes.


Another con­trol but­ton that’s only fea­tured on the D810 in this group of cam­eras is the ded­i­cated AF-On but­ton for ac­ti­vat­ing aut­o­fo­cus.

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