The Ba­sic pan el (be­low )

Now take a closer look at one of the De­velop mod­ule’s most im­por­tant fea­tures

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

07 White bal­ance

This sec­tion en­ables you to try out dif­fer­ent white bal­ance pre­sets, or to man­u­ally change the colour tem­per­a­ture. Here we’ve dragged the Tem­per­a­ture slider down to 5570 to cool down the start im­age’s warm cast.

08 Ex­po­sure

Our start im­age is un­der-ex­posed. By drag­ging Ex­po­sure to +1.20 we can mimic the ef­fect of open­ing up the aper­ture. This ad­just­ment bright­ens the photo’s tones.

09 High­lights

The global ad­just­ment made by the Ex­po­sure slider has made the bright­est pix­els over-ex­posed. To se­lec­tively claw back de­tail in the high­lights, drag this slider left.

10 Shad­ows

This slider en­ables you to lighten shad­ows and re­veal more de­tail, with­out af­fect­ing the high­lights. It also leaves the photo’s dark­est black pix­els un­touched.

11 Clar­ity

This clever slider in­creases mid­tone con­trast, which is a great way to make fine de­tails such as our sub­ject’s hair stand out. It does a sim­i­lar job to the sharp­en­ing tools that you’ll find in the De­tail panel.

12 Vi­brance

This en­ables you to se­lec­tively ad­just sat­u­ra­tion, to boost the strength of weaker colours with­out over-sat­u­rat­ing stronger ones. Here, we’ve re­duced the strength of the jumper with­out de­sat­u­rat­ing the skin tones too much.

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