The De­velop mod­ule (left)

First, we’ll run through the key fea­tures of Light­room’s own dig­i­tal dark­room

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Nav­i­ga­tor

This panel en­ables you to take a closer look at your pic­ture to check how ad­just­ments af­fect de­tails. Click on a size at the top to zoom in by a spe­cific mag­ni­fi­ca­tion.

02 His­togram

This panel dis­plays the spread of tones in a photo. Here you can see some strong shad­ows on the left, and an ab­sence of strong bright high­lights.

03 Tool­bar

These dark­room-style tools en­able you to im­prove your photos with a few clicks. You can crop im­ages, re­move sen­sor spots, or make tonal ed­its.

04 Ba­sic panel

The Ba­sic panel en­ables you to tackle the most com­mon pic­ture prob­lems – see right and be­low for more de­tails on this.

05 Solo mode

When mul­ti­ple pan­els are open, the workspace can be­come clut­tered. Right-click on a panel to sum­mon this pop-up menu. Hide un­wanted pan­els by untick­ing their la­bels. Solo mode en­ables you to click on a panel to open it. It will then close all the other pan­els that are open.

06 Pre­sets

These en­able you to make many ad­just­ments in one click. They change a mul­ti­tude of set­tings in De­velop mod­ule pan­els to pro­duce a range of photo-fix­ing ed­its. We’ll cover this in greater de­tail in a fu­ture is­sue.

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