Freeze move­ment with flash

Light up sub­jects with a Speed­light to cap­ture fast-mov­ing ac­tion

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Pick your spot

Look for an in­ter­est­ing fea­ture in the ter­rain and think about how your sub­ject will move through that area. Rocks work well in photos as they catch the light, high­light­ing the ground. Corners are good lo­ca­tions to shoot from as the rider will be in more in­ter­est­ing po­si­tions.

03 Take re­mote con­trol

If you have re­mote trig­gers, at­tach them to your Nikon’s hot­shoe and your flash, match­ing up their chan­nels if needed. Oth­er­wise, switch your flash to Re­mote and on your Nikon go to Cus­tom Shoot­ing Menu>Brack­et­ing/ Flash>Flash Cn­trl for built-in flash>Com­man­der Mode.

05 Fo­cus first

Ask your rider to stand where you’re go­ing to shoot to check the ex­po­sure. Fo­cus on them and lock your lens into man­ual fo­cus to avoid the AF search­ing as they ride past. With faster-paced shoot­ing, pre-fo­cus be­fore they go past by half-press­ing the shut­ter re­lease.

02 Po­si­tion the flash

Once you’ve es­ti­mated where the bike will be, work out where you’d like to light it from. We chose the left of the frame. If you’re us­ing your flash­gun’s Slave mode, make sure that it is within range of the cam­era and face the sen­sor to­wards the cam­era’s flash.

04 Ex­pose for the back­ground

Keep your shut­ter speed above 1/160 sec. Use a nar­row­ish aper­ture (we shot at f/9) to get a fairly deep field of fo­cus and in­crease your chances of get­ting the bike sharp. Ad­just the ISO to set your ex­po­sure for the back­ground with­out the flash – don’t worry about it be­ing un­der-ex­posed.

06 Get down low

Typ­i­cally the best an­gles for sport are from low down. Look­ing up from ground level will cre­ate a more dra­matic com­po­si­tion. When shoot­ing steep ar­eas, the trick is to be level with the rider, as look­ing up or down will cause the slope to ap­pear flat. Now you’re ready to shoot!

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