Set­tings and lenses

Ver­sa­til­ity is key here, as you want to be cre­ative with­out need­ing to change lenses too of­ten

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Fast shut­ter speed

Although bal­loons move at a slow pace, you’ll want to use a rel­a­tively fast shut­ter rel­a­tive to your fo­cal length. Even if you have steady hands it will help to beat blur.

Medium ISO

Un­less it’s a bright day, a medi­umto-high ISO can help achieve a fast shut­ter speed. Depend­ing on how bright it is, try be­tween ISO400 and ISO800 as a start­ing point.

Cre­ative aper­ture

Use aper­ture cre­atively – to blur the back­ground, stop down to f/2.8 and fo­cus on some­thing nearby, or in­crease to f/8, f/11 or f/16 if you want to keep ev­ery­thing in fo­cus.

Wide and long

Chang­ing lenses mid-flight means you can lose out on shots (or even drop a pre­cious lens out of the bas­ket!), so a su­per­zoom is prob­a­bly your best op­tion.

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