Ste p by ste p Crop ro­ta­tion

From por­traits to land­scapes, the Crop Over­lay tool can be used to im­prove all sorts of pho­tos

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01 Use a pre­set crop

Im­port TYLR33.dng into Light­room’s Li­brary. In Quick De­velop you can use the Crop Ra­tio menu to ap­ply pre­set crops. Some of th­ese (such as 5x7) sub­tly change the photo’s shape. Oth­ers (such as 1x1, or square), make a dra­matic change.

04 Cre­ate a por­trait crop

Click the Crop Over­lay icon to re­veal the Crop Frame tool’s over­lay. Drag the top-left han­dle up to the right, and the over­lay will change to a por­trait ori­en­ta­tion. Drag the cor­ner han­dles to cre­ate a tighter crop and hide the dis­trac­tions on the left. Click Done.

02 Choose an over­lay

For more con­trol, take the photo into the De­velop mod­ule. Click on the Crop Over­lay icon on the left of the tool panel. You can sum­mon dif­fer­ent over­lays to help you crop sub­jects. Go to Tools> Crop Guide Over­lay and ex­plore the op­tions.

05 Cre­ate a crop Snap­shot

Go to the Snap­shots panel. Click on the + icon. Name the new im­age and click on Cre­ate. It will ap­pear in the Snap­shots panel. Click on the Crop Over­lay icon. Click on the As Shot drop­down and choose 1x1. Click Done. Cre­ate a new Snap­shot. You can tog­gle be­tween the ver­sions.

03 Cre­ate a land­scape crop

Make sure the pad­lock icon is in a locked po­si­tion so the cropped photo re­tains its orig­i­nal shape. Drag the top-left han­dle of the Crop Frame tool to re­move the lamp. Drag in­side the over­lay to show more of the model’s head. Click Done.

06 Straighten an im­age

Im­port TYLR24.dng and take it into the De­velop mod­ule. Click on the Crop Over­lay icon. Choose Tools>Crop Guide Over­lay>Grid. Click on the Straighten tool icon. Draw a line that fol­lows the tilted hori­zon. The tool will ro­tate the over­lay to coun­ter­act the tilt. Click Done to crop.

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