On the bounce

Here’s how to en­sure your bounce flash works flaw­lessly ev­ery time

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01 Fresh bat­ter­ies

Bounce flash needs around four times more power than direct flash. Use fresh bat­ter­ies and take spares so that the flash­gun re­cy­cles quickly.

02 In­creased ISO

Don’t leave the ISO set at 100. To pro­long your bat­tery life, project the flash fur­ther, and speed up re­cy­cle times, boost it to at least ISO400.

03 RAW power

Colour bal­ance, con­trast and ex­po­sure is­sues are com­mon with flash. Shoot in RAW (or RAW + JPEG) to make it eas­ier to cor­rect prob­lems later on.

04 Do it your­self

Not all flash­guns have a built-in bounce card, but you can get ex­actly the same re­sult by at­tach­ing a small rec­tan­gle of white card to your flash with a rub­ber band.

05 White pa­per

When it comes to ver­ti­cal shots, the bounce card will be in the wrong place. Try hold­ing a sheet of white pa­per or card be­hind the flash head in­stead.

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