Hole it in one

You’ll be amazed at the re­sults you can get even with­out a lens

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Cut it out

Us­ing scis­sors, cut out a sec­tion of the drinks can (be care­ful as the edges will be sharp). Make sure it’s small enough to fit into the in­side of a body cap. Push a nee­dle through the metal un­til it just pokes through. The smaller the hole, the bet­ter.

02 Drill and stick

Drill a hole in the cen­tre of the body cap. It should be big­ger than the pin prick. Tape your pricked metal to the back of the cap, making sure the pinhole lines up with the hole in the body cap. At­tach the cap to the cam­era.

03 Choose a sub­ject

Any­thing with vi­brant colour will make a good sub­ject. The lack of a lens means there’s re­duced clar­ity in your pho­tos, so a sub­ject with a lot of sub­tle tex­ture prob­a­bly won’t work very well. Look for sim­pler shapes and strong con­trasts.

04 Go long

The pinhole’s aper­ture should be much smaller than that of any lens you have. This means less light, and less light means longer ex­po­sure times, so use a tri­pod. Use your self-timer or a re­mote to re­duce the risk of cam­era shake.

05 Go slow

There is no aper­ture to con­trol, and the other set­tings will de­pend on how large your pinhole is. Shoot­ing out­side on a sunny day, set ISO100 and 1.6 sec as a start­ing point, and in­crease or de­crease the shut­ter speed as needed.

06 Zoom in

If you want to in­crease your fo­cal length, use ex­ten­sion tubes. Th­ese are de­signed to sit a lens (or our pinhole) fur­ther away from the sen­sor to ex­tend the fo­cal length; the fur­ther the body cap is from the sen­sor, the longer the fo­cal length.

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