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There are lots of trick modes avail­able in the Nikon flash sys­tem, and a few more tricks on the side

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1 On the but­ton

Not just for rais­ing the pop-up flash, the flash but­ton also en­ables you to se­lect dif­fer­ent flash modes, us­ing ei­ther the pop-up flash or an ex­ter­nal flash­gun.

2 Red-eye re­duc­tion

This uses a burst of pre­flash light to nar­row the pupils of your sub­ject, to re­duce or elim­i­nate the red-eye ef­fect that can spoil flash­lit por­traits.

3 Slow sync flash

With slow sync flash, flash is used at a slow shut­ter speed to give a bet­ter bal­ance be­tween flash­lit sub­jects and dark back­grounds, or to freeze move­ment in low light.

4 Rear-cur­tain sync

Se­lect this op­tion and the flash fires at the end of the ex­po­sure in­stead of the be­gin­ning. It’s use­ful when you want to freeze the ac­tion at the end of a long ex­po­sure (see page 88 for more).

5 Auto FP

This is a ‘high speed sync’ flash mode, which en­ables the flash­gun to be used at fast shut­ter speeds, al­beit with a lower max­i­mum flash power be­ing avail­able.

6 Re­peat­ing flash

Avail­able in some flash­guns as well as the pop-up flash of some up­mar­ket D-SLRs, this pro­gram­mable mode gives a stro­bo­scopic ef­fect dur­ing long ex­po­sures.

7 Dif­fu­sion dome

Some flash­guns come with a dif­fu­sion dome, or you can buy one separately. They’re great for soft­en­ing the light and cre­at­ing a mix of direct and bounced flash.

8 Com­mand mod­ule

The pop-up flash in most up­mar­ket D-SLRs, such as the D7200, can be used as a wire­less com­man­der for trig­ger­ing com­pat­i­ble re­mote flash­guns in slave mode.

9 Spot on

To switch from TTL-BL (Bal­anced Light) to reg­u­lar TTL mode (which takes less ac­count of am­bi­ent light­ing con­di­tions), you of­ten need to switch to the cam­era’s spot me­ter­ing mode.

10 Faster re­cy­cling

NiMH (nickel-metal hy­dride) bat­ter­ies gen­er­ally en­able faster re­cy­cling speeds than al­ka­line bat­ter­ies, es­pe­cially af­ter a high-power flash dis­charge.

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