Ste p by ste p Bounc­ing and be­yond

Bounce and swivel aren’t the only ways to be more flash

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01 Straight on

With the flash­gun mounted in the cam­era’s hot­shoe and the flash tube aimed straight ahead at the sub­ject, im­ages tend to look rather flat and two-di­men­sional. There aren’t really any sub­tle shad­ows to give mod­el­ling, while the shad­ows be­hind the flow­ers are very dark.

02 Bounce mode

Bounc­ing the flash off the ceil­ing has pro­duced a much softer and more nat­u­ral-look­ing light­ing ef­fect. The dark shad­ows on the wall have been ban­ished, and there are some sub­tle shad­ows creep­ing in un­der the leaves to give a more three-di­men­sional look.

03 Off-cam­era

For this fi­nal shot, we used the flash off-cam­era, con­nect­ing to the hot­shoe via a coiled ca­ble. We po­si­tioned the flash­gun slightly higher and to one side of the flow­ers, and we added a dif­fu­sion dome to give some soft­ened but direct light, while also bounc­ing light off the ceil­ing.

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