Do I have to switch to Live View if I want to aut­o­fo­cus at the bot­tom or edge of the frame, or can I use the viewfinder?

An­drew South­well, via email

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Ja­son says...

In reg­u­lar shoot­ing, aut­o­fo­cus is han­dled by a phase-de­tec­tion mod­ule. A num­ber of AF points are avail­able – typ­i­cally from 11 to 51, de­pend­ing on the Nikon model. In some cam­eras, the area of the frame that’s cov­ered by AF points is lim­ited to a fairly cen­tralised zone.

In Live View mode, your Nikon uses con­trast-de­tec­tion AF, which is mea­sured di­rectly on the im­age sen­sor, so you can aut­o­fo­cus on pretty much any point in the frame. To main­tain a focus dis­tance set­ting cap­tured in Live View, switch from AF to M focus mode be­fore swap­ping back to reg­u­lar shoot­ing.

To aut­o­fo­cus on an area that’s not cov­ered by reg­u­lar AF points, switch to Live View or focus and re­com­pose

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