Tech­nique as­sess­ment

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What’s the pri­or­ity?

An­thony says... I asked David to set his D810 up for our first shot of the day. He put it into aper­ture-pri­or­ity mode and set an aper­ture of f/13. “I’ll need it all in fo­cus be­cause we’re in front of a land­scape,” David told me. But I sug­gested us­ing a wider aper­ture like f/3.2 be­cause we didn’t ac­tu­ally want the whole scene to be in fo­cus. We needed some blur to iso­late our model, Jen, from the backdrop.

Spot me­ter­ing

An­thony says... On a shoot like this, you need to be able to bal­ance the light for your sub­ject, not the sur­round­ings. Life­style clients quite like the scene to be blown out or thrown into shadow, as long as the sub­ject (the model, or the clothes if you’re shoot­ing for a cat­a­logue) are well ex­posed. I had David switch from ma­trixme­ter­ing mode to spot me­ter­ing for more ac­cu­rate light read­ings.

Con­tin­u­ous high burst

An­thony says... David was shoot­ing in sin­gle­frame mode, which meant that even if he held the shut­ter but­ton down longer than the shut­ter speed, the Nikon would only shoot one frame. I changed it to Con­tin­u­ous high burst mode for him, and then he could shoot mul­ti­ple pho­tos quickly as Jen walked up the dunes. This is es­sen­tial when the model’s po­si­tion is al­ways chang­ing, like when she’s walk­ing. It’s bet­ter to do this and pick out your favourite pho­to­graph on the com­puter later.

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