Nikon AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8G ED £1460, $1700

It’s a big lens, with big per­form ance and a big price

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This is the big­gest Nikon lens on test and weighs a full kilo­gram, but it’s phys­i­cally shorter and 100 grams lighter than the Tam­ron 15-30mm. It out­does the Tam­ron for max­i­mum view­ing angle, at 114 de­grees ver­sus 110 de­grees. In fair­ness, this is only a slight dif­fer­ence that will of­ten go un­no­ticed in prac­tice. It has a fast and con­stant f/2.8 aper­ture and an in­te­gral lens hood.

Nano Crys­tal Coat is ap­plied to fend off ghost­ing and flare. This is im­por­tant, be­cause ul­tra-wide lenses tend to take in a lot of sky in out­door shoot­ing, and the bul­bous front el­e­ment phys­i­cally ex­tends at shorter zoom set­tings, com­ing near to the lead­ing edge of the hood.


All as­pects of im­age qual­ity are out­stand­ing. Su­perb sharp­ness reaches right into the cor­ners of the frame, even at f/2.8. This is a real achieve­ment for such an ul­tra-wide lens. Bar­rel dis­tor­tion at 14mm is less pro­nounced than in the Nikon 16-35mm lens at its short­est zoom set­ting, de­spite the more ex­ag­ger­ated view­ing angle.

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