The bird is the word

Here’s a sele ction of Ell iott’s avian pho to­graph y from aroun d the glo be

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Lesser Flamin­gos at Dawn

I pho­tographed these flamin­gos dur­ing a misty sun­rise at Lake Nakuru, when the birds come close to shore around the fresh­wa­ter in­lets. This shot was se­lected by Ap­ple to be among its OS X wall­pa­pers.


Adélie pen­guins pos­tur­ing and pos­ing in the mid­dle of their bond­ing rit­ual. I took this pic­ture at Cape Adare, Antarc­tica. A tight crop helped to fo­cus on their ex­pres­sions as they ap­peared to glance at the cam­era.

Th e Auk Colony

The colos­sal auk colony at Alke­f­jel­let on the east coast of Spitzber­gen, breed­ing site to over a mil­lion guille­mots. I shot this from an ex­pe­di­tion ves­sel.

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