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1 Go grey

Im­port TYLR01.dng into Lightroom. Take it into the De­velop mod­ule. In the Ba­sic panel, click on the Black & White tab to de­sat­u­rate the photo. When you con­vert a photo to mono­chrome, Lightroom ad­justs the po­si­tion of the Black & White mix slid­ers. You can fine­tune the re­sults. Drag Orange up to +33 to lighten the skin tones.

2 A ques­tion of con­trast

Af­ter light­en­ing greyscale tones that cor­re­spond to orange colours in the start­ing im­age, the tones in the his­togram win­dow’s graph have slid to the right. How­ever, you still need to boost the con­trast. If you move the cur­sor over the mid­dle of the graph you’ll see that the Ex­po­sure slider in­flu­ences this sec­tion.

3 In­crease the ex­po­sure

Click on the mid­dle of the his­togram win­dow and drag right to push the Ex­po­sure up to +0.76 (or drag the Ex­po­sure slider to the right). This gives the graph a wider spread of tones. In­crease the strength of the tones by push­ing the Con­trast slider up to +28. The higher-con­trast photo now has more im­pact, and a health­ier-look­ing his­togram.

4 Lighten the shad­ows

To check that you can see darker de­tail, click on the Shadow Clip­ping Warn­ing icon at the top-left of the his­togram win­dow. Ar­eas that will print as pure black will ap­pear as patches of blue. Here there’s no clip­ping, but some the shad­ows lack de­tail. Push the Shad­ows slider up to +50. Re­veal more de­tail by drag­ging the Blacks slider to +37.

5 Boost the con­trast

To help re­veal the form of our fine-art nude we can push the con­trast even fur­ther, courtesy of the Tone Curve tab. This pow­er­ful tool en­ables you to se­lec­tively lighten or darken tones in a va­ri­ety of ways, as we’ll ex­plore in a fu­ture issue. For now, sim­ply click on the Point Curve drop­down menu and choose Strong Con­trast.

6 Fine-tune the greys

This con­trast boost rein­tro­duces some clip­ping in the back­ground, but there are no im­por­tant de­tails here. Turn the Shadow Clip­ping Warn­ing off. Go back to the B&W tab to fine-tune the con­ver­sion. Push Reds up to +40. Re­turn to the Ba­sic panel and go to the Pres­ence sec­tion. Drag the Clar­ity slider up to +51.

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