How can I get a bet­ter bal­ance be­tween am­bi­ent light­ing and flash for in­door pho­tog­ra­phy, us­ing my D5300 and SB-700 flash­gun? Dave Kin­naird, via email

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Ja­son says... Nikon’s TTL-BL (Through The Lens – Bal­anced Light) flash metering mode works well for this. In­deed, it’s the de­fault mode for the SB-700 flash­gun, and the only way to switch to stan­dard TTL mode is to set the cam­era to spot metering in­stead of ma­trix or cen­tre-weighted metering. Even so, you can im­prove on the re­sults.

Nikon’s Auto ISO set­ting works par­tic­u­larly well with TTL-BL flash. It raises the ISO set­ting au­to­mat­i­cally to cre­ate the best pos­si­ble bal­ance be­tween flash and am­bi­ent light­ing, while main­tain­ing op­ti­mum im­age qual­ity with­out an un­due in­crease in im­age noise. For a more nat­u­ral ef­fect, try us­ing a curly off-cam­era flash cord, and hold­ing the flash­gun higher and to the side of the cam­era. It’s also worth us­ing the dif­fu­sion dome that’s sup­plied with the SB-700, as well as the coloured fil­ters for bal­anc­ing the flash­gun’s colour tem­per­a­ture with tung­sten or flu­o­res­cent light­ing.

Auto ISO works well with the TTL-BL flash mode to give a bet­ter bal­ance be­tween flash and dull in­door light­ing

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