What’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween the stan­dard ISO range and ex­panded ISO? Harrison Wilkins, via email

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Ja­son says... The stan­dard ISO range stretches to the high­est ISO value at which im­age qual­ity is deemed to be gen­er­ally ac­cept­able. That’s a bit sub­jec­tive, how­ever, as you might feel that a cam­era’s im­age qual­ity be­comes un­ac­cept­able even to­wards the up­per end of its stan­dard range.

At high ISO set­tings, the most no­tice­able degra­da­tion in qual­ity is in­creased im­age noise. As you stretch into the ex­panded ISO range, images are likely to look very grainy and will also suf­fer from a loss of fine de­tail, along with a re­duc­tion in dy­namic range, giv­ing poor con­trast with a lack of def­i­ni­tion in high­lights and low­lights.

In­creas­ing the ISO set­ting into its ex­panded range is likely to cause mul­ti­ple degra­da­tions in im­age qual­ity

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