Dat­a­color Spy­der5 CAP­TURE PRO

£279, $270

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Dat­a­color is best known for its mon­i­tor cal­i­bra­tion prod­ucts, but the Spy­der5CAPTURE PRO does more than sort out your screen’s colour ac­cu­racy.

This kit con­tains four gad­gets, and sure enough, the cen­tre­piece is a mon­i­tor cal­i­bra­tor. It’s a top-end Spy­der5ELITE, though, which has in­creased ac­cu­racy over Dat­a­color’s pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tion col­orime­ters. It also fea­tures projector pro­fil­ing and am­bi­ent room light monitoring, and it’ll pe­ri­od­i­cally as­sess colour ac­cu­racy af­ter cal­i­bra­tion. The ac­com­pa­ny­ing soft­ware has ad­di­tional ca­pa­bil­i­ties, but per­form­ing a ba­sic cal­i­bra­tion is still ef­fort­lessly easy.

The re­main­ing trio of toys is cen­tred around your Nikon. You use the Spy­derCUBE as you would a con­ven­tional white bal­ance tar­get, plac­ing it in a com­po­si­tion to de­ter­mine white bal­ance, ex­po­sure, and black level when edit­ing.

Then there’s the Spy­derCHECKR. This 23x17cm slim­line case con­tains 48 colour patches. Sim­ply take a RAW photo of these tar­gets with your Nikon, and Dat­a­color’s ac­com­pa­ny­ing soft­ware will help you con­fig­ure a pre­set file to load into your RAW con­verter of choice, cor­rect­ing any colour dis­crep­an­cies.

Your lenses aren’t left out ei­ther, as the Spy­derLENSCAL pro­vides a fo­cus-check tar­get to as­sess whether they’re aut­o­fo­cussing ac­cu­rately. If any lenses are off, you can find out the ex­tent of the prob­lem and use Nikon’s AF Fine-Tune fea­ture (in­cluded with the D7000 on­wards) to com­pen­sate.

Spy­der5CAPTURE PRO will save you at least 20 per­cent com­pared with pur­chas­ing each item separately, mak­ing it good value for en­sur­ing your mon­i­tor and Nikon gear are per­form­ing at their best. The only el­e­ment miss­ing is printer pro­fil­ing – you’ll need the pricier Spy­der5STUDIO to get that.

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