NPhoto - - The Zone System -

This di­a­gram shows ap­prox­i­mately how each zone re­lates to a his­togram. Pix­els pushed up against ei­ther the right or left edge in­di­cate that parts of the im­age are be­yond the range of the his­togram. The spike at the right edge in­di­cates pix­els that are over­ex­posed – Zone 8 or higher. Over­ex­posed pix­els like this are the main thing to look out for and avoid when us­ing a his­togram. Any­thing at the far left edge is Zone 2 or lower – black. Zone 0: Pure black Zone 1: Nearly black Zone 2: A hint of de­tail Zone 3: Dark, with good de­tail but muddy colour Zone 4: Dark tone or colour Zone 5: Mid­dle tone, medium colour Zone 6: Light tone or pas­tel colour Zone 7: Light, with tex­ture but faded colour Zone 8: A hint of de­tail, but essen­tially washed out Zone 9: Nearly white Zone 10: Pa­per white

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