Rein in bright ar­eas and boost shad­ows se­lec­tively

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1 The lower-right cor­ner of this im­age is too bright – it pulls your eye away from the colour­ful leaves. Pho­to­shop’s Dodge and Burn tools aren’t flex­i­ble enough; the changes aren’t eas­ily ed­itable. 2 In­stead, cre­ate a Curves Ad­just­ment Layer and pull the mid­point of the curve up and left to lighten (dodge), or down and right to darken (burn). Press Cmd-I/Ctrl-I to in­vert the layer mask. 3 Select the Brush tool and pick a large, soft-edged brush. Set the fore­ground colour to white, with opac­ity at 100%. Paint over the por­tion of the im­age to change – here I dark­ened the lower-right por­tion.

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