STE P BY STE P / Ex­tra balls

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 Bring them to­gether

If you only have a few balls, take sev­eral shots of them bounc­ing. Open Pho­to­shop and go to File>Script>Load Files into Stack. Select all your shots and click on Open. Hit OK and the Lay­ers pal­ette should pop­u­late with all the images on sep­a­rate lay­ers.

2 Odd­balls

To mask in the balls you want in the fi­nal im­age, select the top layer and hit the layer mask but­ton at the bot­tom of the Lay­ers pal­ette. Paint over the ball in ques­tion to re­move it. With your layer mask se­lected hit Cmd/Ctrl + I to in­vert the mask. Do this for all lay­ers ex­cept one.

3 Save your work

Once you’re happy with your shot go to File>Save as and choose to save it as a PSD so you have a mul­ti­layer doc­u­ment to edit later. If you want to save it as a flat­tened im­age as well, go to File>Save as and change the drop­down to Save as JPEG.

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