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As the chicks flit­ted back and forth be­tween the perches and the win­dows I took ad­van­tage of the crop fac­tor on the D300s. The D300s has a smaller sen­sor than a full-frame D-SLR, so it records a smaller area of the im­age cap­tured by the 500mm lens; it ef­fec­tively func­tions as a 750mm lens. El­liott told me to isolate the one owl that flew up into the win­dow. I cropped out the win­dow frame around the owl and I think it looks like a stu­dio por­trait. The back of the room is so dark, it re­ally makes the owl stand out. As I was shoot­ing a draught blew through the win­dow and I stopped. “Keep shoot­ing!” El­liott ex­claimed. “It looks dif­fer­ent, and you can tell it’s a chick by the downy feath­ers that are blow­ing up.”

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