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NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 Ad­just the ex­po­sure

Take TYLR40.dng into the De­velop mod­ule. In the Ba­sic panel, click on the Black & White tab to de­sat­u­rate the photo. The his­togram shows a lack of mid­tone de­tail. Drag Ex­po­sure to +0.30 to brighten things up. Raise the Con­trast slider to +29 and drop High­lights to -50.

2 Im­prove the con­trast

The tree stands out where it over­laps the sky, but the rest of the de­tail is lost in a mass of mid­tones. Drag Shad­ows up to +27 to lighten the fore­ground. By drag­ging Clar­ity up to +80 you in­crease mid­tone con­trast and re­veal tex­tures in the mossy rocks and blades of grass.

3 Tint the high­lights

To add washes of colour to the shad­ows and high­lights, tog­gle open the Split Ton­ing tab. In the High­lights sec­tion, drag Sat­u­ra­tion to 26. By de­fault this adds a red tint. Click on the swatch icon to sam­ple a new colour, or drag the Hue slider to 60 to add a wash of sepia.

4 Ad­just the bal­ance

Set the Shad­ows Sat­u­ra­tion slider to 14 to re­veal a lit­tle colour in the darker ar­eas. Drag Hue to 240 for a sub­tle wash of pur­ple. We now have a warmer sky that con­trasts with the colder colours in the fore­ground. Drag Bal­ance left to -49 to make the pur­ple dom­i­nant.

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