STEP BY STEP In­stant shep­herd’s de­light!

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 Select a suit­able shot

En­hanc­ing a sun­set photo where the sun is not vis­i­ble is very tricky, and of­ten im­pos­si­ble. The sun casts shad­ows in the scene, and it’s the di­rec­tion of th­ese that tell you where the light is com­ing from. Choose a photo where the scene is back­lit (the sun is at the back of the scene).

3 Warm up the sun

Next you need to add a solid or­ange around the spec­u­lar sun high­light. Select a soft brush (press B, then rightclick and re­duce hard­ness to 10%) and paint over a small por­tion around the high­light. Re­duce the opac­ity to around 30% and change the blend mode to Color.

5 Lighten the mid­tones

The shad­ows are cool now but they’re a lit­tle too dark com­pared with the bright high­lights from the sun­set. Make a new ad­just­ment layer and click on Lev­els. Be sub­tle with the Lev­els and boost the mid­tones slightly (we used +1.08) and bring up the out­put lev­els shadow slider to +23.

2 Add a gra­di­ent

Cre­ate a new layer (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + N). Select the Gra­di­ent tool. Make a cus­tom gra­di­ent; click on the pen­cil icons to pick colours: white, or­ange, then red. Click on the pen­cil icon above the red and re­duce the opac­ity to 0%. Click on OK. Select Ra­dial Gra­di­ent at the top of the win­dow.

4 Cool down the shad­ows

Add a new ad­just­ment layer and click on Colour Bal­ance. You need to cool the shad­ows and warm the high­lights, so click on the drop­down and in­crease Blue by +17 and Ma­genta by -15. Click on the drop­down again and choose High­lights, then boost Reds and Yel­lows.

6 Boost the sat­u­ra­tion

Now that you have the per­fect colour bal­ance in your photo and the flare is burst­ing out over the sun, it’s time to en­hance every­thing that’s al­ready there. Go to Cre­ate new fill or Cre­ate new ad­just­ment layer once more and click on Hue and Sat­u­ra­tion, then boost Sat­u­ra­tion to around +20.

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