STEP BY STEP Crafty com­pos­ites

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 Blend your lay­ers

Load the files into Adobe Bridge. View them as a grid of im­ages, 10 col­umns wide. Select the first col­umn. Go to Tools>Pho­to­shop>Load Files into Pho­to­shop Lay­ers. Go to the Lay­ers Panel, shift-click be­tween the top and bot­tom lay­ers and set the Blend Mode to Darken.

2 Tidy things up

Hide a layer if the planes over­lap. To tweak the po­si­tion of a plane, nudge it with the ar­row keys. This will mis­align the layer, so make a rec­tan­gu­lar se­lec­tion around the plane and click on the Add Mask icon. When happy, go to Layer>Flat­ten. Re­peat for the next col­umn in Bridge.

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