The Pho­tog­ra­pher’s Ephe­meris

This is the yard­stick sun and moon map­ping app against which all sim­i­lar of­fer­ings are judged

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What the app does

Like Pho­toPills, The Pho­tog­ra­pher’s Ephe­meris (TPE) is an app that gives you the edge when plan­ning your out­door pho­tog­ra­phy shoots. Al­though Pho­toPills is cur­rently our go-to app for this kind of thing, it isn’t avail­able for An­droid de­vices. As a re­sult, TPE re­mains the num­ber one choice for peo­ple with non-Ap­ple de­vices. Even so, it’s a close con­test be­tween the two apps on iOS, as there are fea­tures that each of­fers that the other doesn’t. For ex­am­ple, un­like Pho­toPills, TPE in­cludes Google Maps, which some peo­ple pre­fer.

When to use it

TPE en­ables you to plan your land­scapes and other out­door shots well in ad­vance, cal­cu­lat­ing the moon­rise/moonset and sun­rise/sun­set times and the an­gles of each. You can drill down deeper too, pin­point­ing if the sun will ap­pear be­hind a build­ing, hill or other fea­ture, so you can work out where to po­si­tion your cam­era.

How to use it

Place a pin on Google Maps to in­di­cate your po­si­tion and you’ll see the rise and set az­imuth lines for the sun and the moon. These lo­ca­tions can be saved, re­called and edited, en­abling you to build lists of the op­ti­mum times to visit great lo­ca­tions. There’s even a free web-based desk­top ver­sion of TPE that can be ac­cessed on a com­puter, en­abling you to do your re­search on a big screen be­fore sync­ing with your mo­bile de­vice, al­though you’ll need to sign up with a sub­scrip­tion to en­able sync­ing.

Tap here to switch be­tween day mode and night mode and scroll through dates Un­like Pho­toPills, TPE gives you a screen-fill­ing view when you ro­tate your phone The thick yel­low line in­di­cates sun­rise, with the thick orange line show­ing sun­set

Keen on night pho­tog­ra­phy? Tap the Lay­ers icon to en­able a use­ful stars over­lay

You get a free 30-day trial of Sun­fire, which fore­casts the best sun­sets and sun­rises

TPE en­ables you to high­light ar­eas of light pol­lu­tion so that you can avoid the hotspots

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