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NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 Start HDR Merge

Take a set of im­ages with dif­fer­ent ex­po­sures. Im­port them into Light­room and Shift-click to se­lect them all. To be­gin the HDR com­mand, ei­ther go to Photo>Photo Merge>HDR, or right-click the im­ages and choose Pho­tomerge, or sim­ply press Cmd/Ctrl+H.

2 Im­prove the tones

The Auto Align box helps if the align­ment be­tween each frame is slightly off. The Auto Tone box brings out de­tail in shad­ows and high­lights. This is non-de­struc­tive, so once you merge the im­ages, you can change the set­tings with the De­velop mod­ule’s Ba­sic panel.

3 Fix ghost­ing move­ment

Deghost helps to cor­rect move­ment within the frame by tak­ing the prob­lem­atic area from a sin­gle frame rather than by merg­ing sev­eral. Along with four deghost­ing strengths, there’s also a ‘Show deghost over­lay’ op­tion to see the ar­eas be­ing cor­rected. We used Medium.

4 Merge and en­hance

Click Merge and Light­room cre­ates a new RAW DNG file with the suf­fix HDR and adds it to your Li­brary. There’s more tonal in­for­ma­tion than in a nor­mal photo, so take the im­age into the De­velop mod­ule and use the tonal tools and the Ad­just­ment Brush to im­prove it.

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