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NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 Blur the pic­ture

Open a por­trait im­age and go to Fil­ter>Gaus­sian blur. Add around 20px of blur and click OK. Go to File>Save As and save it as a PSD. We’ll use this im­age later to map the text dis­tor­tion (so the text wraps around the face). Ctrl/Cmd+Z to undo un­til you have your orig­i­nal, clear im­age back.

2 Type your text

With the Type tool se­lected, left-click and drag a box out to en­com­pass the whole of your pho­to­graph. Copy and paste or type in your favourite text. Delete all line breaks. High­light all the text (Ctrl/Cmd+A) and nav­i­gate to the Para­graph tab. Se­lect Jus­tify All, and untick Hy­phen­ate.

3 Dis­place and Ras­ter­ize

Copy and paste the for­mat­ted text un­til it fills the whole photo. With the text layer se­lec­tion, go to Fil­ter>Dis­place. In the box that ap­pears, hit Ras­ter­ize. Choose the de­fault set­tings and click OK. When an­other box ap­pears, dou­bleclick on the blurred im­age that you saved ear­lier.

4 Copy the layer

Hold Ctrl/Cmd and left-click on the ras­ter­ized text layer, to se­lect the text. You’ll see ‘march­ing ants’ danc­ing around the screen in the shape of the text. Make sure you untick the layer’s vis­i­bil­ity. Next go to Edit>Copy Merged. This copies the se­lec­tion into the com­puter’s clip­board.

5 Make a new doc­u­ment

Make a new doc­u­ment and paste in your copied ma­te­rial. The doc­u­ment will be sized to the se­lec­tion you’ve copied. Then make your back­ground black, dou­ble-click on the back­ground layer and click OK to un­lock the layer. Now hit Ctrl/Cmd+I to in­vert the colour from white to black.

6 Save as a JPEG

As if by magic, your por­trait will ap­pear un­der­neath the mor­phed text. Add a Lev­els Ad­just­ment layer to in­crease the con­trast in the fi­nal im­age, re­duce the high­lights and bring up the blacks if needed. Then just save it. Go to File>Save As… and choose JPEG.

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