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Shut­ter Pri­or­ity

Gary says… When I asked Tony to walk me through his usual motorsport set­tings I found that he was shoot­ing in Pro­grammed Auto mode (P), in which the cam­era au­to­mat­i­cally sets the shut­ter speed and aper­ture. I rec­om­mended Tony shoot in Shut­ter Pri­or­ity mode (S) in­stead, be­cause we would need full con­trol over the shut­ter speed later on, and wanted the cam­era to take care of aper­ture only.

High ISO

Gary says… In com­bi­na­tion with con­trol­ling the shut­ter speed, I ad­vised Tony to shoot with a high ISO. The D750 is fan­tas­tic at han­dling high ISO any­way, so this was never go­ing to be a prob­lem for Tony. I sug­gested he use ISO800 and above to achieve faster shut­ter speeds when track­ing the bikes around the course.

Con­tin­u­ous high

Gary says… Mo­tocross bikes move quickly, so I ad­vised Tony to move from Sin­gle frame shoot­ing to Con­tin­u­ous High. We also en­sured that the frame rate was the high­est it could go in the D750’s menu (6.5fps). I’ve been to shoots with my Nikon on Con­tin­u­ous High be­fore and then found out half­way through that I wasn’t shoot­ing at my cam­era’s top rate, so dou­ble-check­ing this be­fore­hand is al­ways a good idea.

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