Store and ap­ply com­mon ad­just­ments

Get to grips with the time-sav­ing op­tions in NX-D’s Ad­just­ments panel

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Ad­just­ments panel icon

Click on this cog-shaped icon to sum­mon the Ad­just­ments panel. You can also ac­cess and ap­ply user-de­fined ad­just­ment pre­sets us­ing the drop­down menu to the right of this cog icon. Un dock it By de­fault, the Ad­just­ments panel ap­pears in the scrolling sec­tion below the Edit panel. If you click here you can un­dock the Ad­just­ments panel and place it any­where on the screen. You can al­ways re-dock it us­ing the same fly-out menu icon.

Cop y All Ad­just­ments

This but­ton tem­po­rar­ily copies ad­just­ments that you make onto your com­puter’s clip­board. You can then switch to an­other shot and click on the Paste Ad­just­ments but­ton. If you paste and then make a few tweaks, you can click on Copy Up­dated Ad­just­ments to add the tweaks to the ex­ist­ing clip­board.

Save All Ad­just­ments

This op­tion pro­vides a more per­ma­nent way to store your ad­just­ments. Af­ter mak­ing tweaks to colour, com­po­si­tion and tone, click this but­ton. You’ll then have the op­tion to save an NXD for­mat file. La­bel it so that you can iden­tify the type of ad­just­ment that you’ve saved (eg ColourBoost.nxd). The file will be stored in the same folder as your ad­justed im­age.

Loa d Ad­just­ments

Browse to an un­pro­cessed im­age file and click this but­ton. You can then browse to any NXD files that you have cre­ated us­ing the Save All Ad­just­ments but­ton. Once you load up the saved ad­just­ment, the cur­rently se­lected pic­ture’s prop­er­ties will change ac­cord­ingly.

Reg­is­ter All Ad­just­ments

This is a use­ful op­tion if you want easy ac­cess to com­mon im­age-ad­just­ment op­tions. Make your ad­just­ments and then click this but­ton. The Reg­is­ter Ad­just­ments win­dow will ap­pear. We put this use­ful tool through its paces in our step-by-step guide below (and in our ac­com­pa­ny­ing video les­son).

Reg­is­ter Ad­just­ments win dow

Once you’ve sum­moned this win­dow you’ll be given the op­tion to store your ad­just­ments in a pre­set called ‘User Ad­just­ments’. You can use the Move Up and Move Down but­tons to place the most use­ful ad­just­ments at the top of the stack.

Ad­just menu

This drop-down menu pro­vides an al­ter­na­tive to us­ing the Ad­just­ments panel. It also has a handy Re­vert to Orig­i­nal State op­tion that will re­store the colours, tones and com­po­si­tion to what was cap­tured in-cam­era.

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