Cre­ate a user-de­fined ad­just­ment

Save an ad­just­ment and re-ap­ply it to other shots in a click

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1 Make ad­just­ments

Browse to our sup­plied Ad­just01_s­tart.NEF file. This back­lit shot lacks de­tail in the shad­ows. Go to the Tone (De­tail) panel and push Shadow Pro­tec­tion to 60 and D-Light­ing HS to 54. Click the Ad­just­ment panel icon to open it.

2 Save ad­just­ments

Click Reg­is­ter All Ad­just­ments. In the Reg­is­ter Ad­just­ments win­dow click User Ad­just­ments. Click Re­name and type in a la­bel such as ‘Coun­ter­act Back­light­ing’. Click Re­name again, then click OK to close the win­dow.

3 Ap­ply ad­just­ment pre­set

Browse to our Ad­just02_s­tart.NEF file. This has sim­i­lar back­light­ing prob­lems. Click on the Ad­just­ment panel’s drop-down menu to change it from Recorded Set­tings to the Coun­ter­act Back­light­ing pre­set that you cre­ated in Step 2.

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