Peli 1525 Air Case £240, $170

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Hard cases have many ben­e­fits, but light­ness isn’t usu­ally one of them. So Peli’s 1525 Air is a breath of fresh you-know-what, weigh­ing just 3.2kg (7.1lbs) with the foam, mak­ing it no­tice­ably lighter than Peli’s 6.6kg (14.5lbs) iM2600 Storm Case. But space hasn’t been sac­ri­ficed to achieve this, as in­ter­nal di­men­sions of 52.1 x 28.7 x 17.1cm (20.50 x 11.31 x 6.75in) en­sure there’s enough space for a typ­i­cal kit.

The case’s ro­bust­ness isn’t com­pro­mised, ei­ther, as Peli has used a clever hon­ey­comb con­struc­tion and a light­weight plas­tic poly­mer. When it’s sub­jected to ex­treme abuse, the Air flexes slightly more than the con­ven­tional Storm Case, but it’s still re­as­sur­ingly tough. Use­ful de­tails seal the deal, in­clud­ing steel pro­tec­tors around the pad­lock­ing points and an er­gonomic rub­ber­coated han­dle.

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