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You don’t need to load your­self down with gear to get great re­sults

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Mark used a Nikon Df to cap­ture ‘Belle of the Ball’. An un­usual choice, per­haps, for the world of land­scape pho­tog­ra­phy, which is dom­i­nated by the D800/D810 line. But he treats the cam­era al­most like a point-and-shoot, cit­ing its dy­namic range and low noise as at­trac­tive fea­tures. “I like to re­main fluid and mo­bile in chang­ing light­ing con­di­tions and tend to keep my shut­ter speed high,” he re­veals. “For this im­age I shot at f/5.6 with an ISO of 500, giv­ing me a shut­ter speed of 1/1250 sec. I’ve no is­sue with shoot­ing at ei­ther f/5.6 or ISO500. The noise floor on the Df is prac­ti­cally non-ex­is­tent at that level.”

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