Fol­low that car!

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 Frame your shot

Not ev­ery po­si­tion you shoot from will be ideal, es­pe­cially if you only have a spectator ticket – you’ll be crowded in with many other peo­ple, fight­ing for space. If you find your view is ob­structed, use it cre­atively. Frame the cars with bushes and trees to put fo­cus on the ve­hi­cles.

2 Cap­ture the dust

As the cars drift around cor­ners they’ll kick up dirt, gravel and wa­ter. And what­ever the track con­di­tions, plumes of smoke will bil­low up in places. Find a cor­ner where the dust is vis­i­ble and shoot that cor­ner, mak­ing sure your com­po­si­tion em­pha­sises the smoky, dusty at­mos­phere.

3 Nail a wheelie

De­pend­ing on the track you visit, there may be jumps or tight cor­ners. Some dar­ing driv­ers can give you some dra­matic pho­tos. Crouch­ing or even ly­ing down low will help you to show the gap be­tween the tyres and the road, and will make it seem like the car is higher off the ground.

4 Pan for gold

Pan­ning while shoot­ing cre­ates a sense of move­ment, keep­ing the car sharp and in fo­cus and the back­ground blurred. To do this use a slow shut­ter (turn on VR and mount your Nikon on a mono­pod) and use a nar­row aper­ture of f/8 or f/11 to max­imise sharp­ness on the car.

5 Tilt and zoom

To add dy­namism to your shots, tilt the cam­era. The more ex­treme the an­gle the more dy­namic it’ll look, but you’ll also need a car to be do­ing some­thing dra­matic. The VW here drifts around the first cor­ner and nar­rowly misses the bol­lard that marks the apex of the turn.

6 Dish the dirt

As the cars come to the end of a rally stage you’ll no­tice mud and grass lodged in car parts and dam­age to the ve­hi­cles. Cap­tur­ing these de­tails helps to con­vey the lengths that the driv­ers go to in or­der to achieve pole po­si­tion, as ev­ery frac­tion of a sec­ond counts.

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