When I set my D7200 to rear-cur­tain flash, my flash­gun fires when the shut­ter opens as well as when it closes. How can I fix this?

Ed­ward Walker, via email

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Ja­son says… It sounds like you’re us­ing your flash­gun in au­to­matic iTTL (in­tel­li­gent Through The Lens) flash mode. In this case, a pre-flash pulse of light is fired im­me­di­ately be­fore the ex­po­sure. The re­flected light is mea­sured through the cam­era, so that the power of the flash­gun’s out­put can be au­to­mat­i­cally set for a cor­rect ex­po­sure.

The fir­ing of the pre-flash is so close to the ac­tual ex­po­sure that you may not no­tice it in some cases. How­ever, if you’re us­ing rear-cur­tain flash mode, es­pe­cially with a slow shut­ter speed or long ex­po­sure, you’ll no­tice the pre-flash be­fore the shut­ter opens, then a de­lay be­fore the main fir­ing of light from the flash just be­fore the shut­ter closes at the end of the ex­po­sure. The pre-flash won’t il­lu­mi­nate your scene, but if you want to stop it fir­ing, you can switch to man­ual flash mode and ad­just the flash power as nec­es­sary.

With most flash­guns, you can set rear-cur­tain mode and other flash modes di­rect from the cam­era

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