Zeiss Mil­vus 18mm f/2.8 ZF.2 £2000/$2300

A won­der­fully crafted pre­mium LENS

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The full metal build of the Zeiss ex­tends to a flock-lined metal hood. The lens is fully weath­ersealed, beau­ti­fully fin­ished and han­dles su­perbly well. It is lim­ited to man­ual fo­cus, but the long-travel fo­cus ring op­er­ates with a fluid feel and is a joy to use. The Nikon-fit edi­tion of the lens fea­tures an aper­ture ring, com­plete with a de-click fa­cil­ity for seam­less aper­ture con­trol when shoot­ing movies.

Like the metal-bod­ied Irix 15mm Black­stone, the Zeiss has a flared front sec­tion and a rel­a­tively heavy build. Un­like the Irix, how­ever, the Zeiss has a rubber-coated fo­cus ring, which im­proves grip in cold weather. Other wide primes in the Mil­vus range in­clude 15mm, 21mm and 35mm op­tions, all based on the clas­sic Zeiss Distagon de­sign. Performance Sharp­ness and con­trast are stel­lar through­out the en­tire aper­ture range, and over­all im­age qual­ity is sim­ply spectacular. The only caveat is that vi­gnetting is very heavy when shoot­ing wide-open, de­spite the mod­est aper­ture rat­ing of f/2.8.

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