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1 Lens hood

A lens hood will guard your lens against spray from the wa­ter­fall. Com­ing from all an­gles as the wind whips and changes, your Nikon will be cov­ered in a fine mist, so us­ing a lens hood will pre­vent this from get­ting on the glass and caus­ing wet spots to ruin your im­age.

2 Mi­crofi­bre cloth

Your lens hood may do a good job, but you’re bound to get a wet front el­e­ment. A mi­crofi­bre cloth is the per­fect com­pan­ion. You can pick them up cheaply and they will soak up the mois­ture on your lens to leave it streak-free.

3 Lens cover

Some­times, when near par­tic­u­larly fierce falls or on a windy day, even a lens hood and mi­crofi­bre cloth can’t to­tally pre­vent your lens from get­ting a lit­tle wet in be­tween ex­po­sures. If so, then cover up your lens be­tween shots ei­ther us­ing your hand or the lens cap.

With th anks to: Becky Green­away for her as­sis­tance on this shoot

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