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Zone fo­cus­ing

Use of a lens’s fo­cus dis­tance scale and depth of field mark­ings en­able you to ad­just the fo­cus ring so that a ‘zone’ of the scene will be sharp, within de­fined near and far lim­its.

Hy­per­fo­cal dis­tance

This is the fo­cus dis­tance for a given fo­cal length and aper­ture com­bi­na­tion at which ev­ery­thing from the clos­est pos­si­ble point to in­fin­ity will ap­pear sharp.

Fo­cus ring

Man­ual fo­cus­ing is pos­si­ble with all of the lenses on test. How­ever, the ro­ta­tional travel of purely man­ual fo­cus­ing lenses is typ­i­cally much greater, which en­ables more pre­cise fo­cus­ing.

Aper­ture rat­ing

Aper­ture rat­ings are usu­ally quite ‘fast’ – be­tween f/1.4 and f/1.8. The Irix, Samyang 14mm and Zeiss lenses are a lit­tle slower, be­tween f/2.4 and f/2.8.

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