Nissin Di700A + Air 1 £200/$300

A keenly priced wire­less flash­gun kit

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The Di700A isn’t much to look at; con­trols boil down to a ro­tary dial and soli­tary ‘Set’ button, so only ba­sic set­tings can be al­tered with­out re­sort­ing to con­trols on the cam­era. The info dis­play is rudi­men­tary, too, although at least it lights up in colour.

The so­phis­ti­cated part is the ‘Air 1 Com­man­der’, which slots into the cam­era’s hot­shoe to trig­ger the flash­gun re­motely. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion is via RF (Ra­dio Fre­quency), which boosts the range to 30 me­tres, as well as be­ing able to find its way through ob­sta­cles and around cor­ners. The Di700A also has the more usual in­frared slave fa­cil­ity for trig­ger­ing from Nikon cam­eras and flashguns in com­man­der mode, plus op­ti­cal slave modes for use with other flashguns and stu­dio heads, with or with­out pre-flash pulses.


For best re­sults in TTL mode, you gen­er­ally need to dial in about half a stop of pos­i­tive flash ex­po­sure com­pen­sa­tion, but re­cy­cling speed is su­per-fast and the max­i­mum out­put is hefty. It also boasts a long max­i­mum zoom of 200mm.

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